Assortiment de légumineuses Déliverts : Pois chiches, lentilles, haricots blanc et rouge

Discover the news about our legumes

SUPPLIES Our partnerships with producers guarantee you a regular supply of legumes and cereals all year round. OUR LEGUMES In order to respond to constantly evolving consumption and new consumer expectations, we are working to guarantee the French origin of all our ready-to-use legume products. Lentils, Red beans, White beans, Chickpeas… Range available in ORGANICContinue reading “Discover the news about our legumes”

Renewal of our IFS certification

Our production site has successfully renewed its IFS certification, at the highest level with a score of 97.16%!

Summer is coming !

Our summer range With arrival of summer, contact us for your seasonal vegetable needs: Yellow, green, or red peppers: 30×30 cubes, trimmed. Cherry tomatoes: 20/25, ou 25/30 size. Zucchini: Rounds or half-moons. Raw or cooked, they will fit perfectly in your brochettes. The supply point Despite the always complicated supplies of gherkins, Délivert has enoughContinue reading “Summer is coming !”

Discover our gherkins range

WHAT ? Gherkins come from a herbaceous plant of the Cucurbitaceae family. This plant is cultivated for its fruits which are harvested before maturity and consumed mainly as condiments. The gherkins are put in brine, giving them a slightly briny taste and allowing them to be preserved for several months. Originating from the Himalayas, theContinue reading “Discover our gherkins range”

Investment in a new multivac packaging machine

New filling machine As part of a modernization and improvement of the machine park, Délivert has invested in a new multivac packaging machine to meet the new markets to come. Our packaging capacities having increased, do not hesitate to contact us for all your new needs, we will answer you quickly.

Goodbye summer, it’s time for winter vegetables!

News about our winter vegetables range Our winter range Our carrot, potato, and cabbage mixes are made from 100% French vegetables and processed in our workshop in Brittany. Ready to use, they will perfectly complement your meat and butcher preparations. The culture point Despite the difficult climatic conditions of the last months (alternation of droughtsContinue reading “Goodbye summer, it’s time for winter vegetables!”

Prepare your summer range now

Délivert : news about our products Our summer range Don’t hesitate to contact us for your needs in vegetables for skewer, salads, or other preparations. We offer a wide range of products for the approaching summer season! Peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers… We adapt the cut according to your uses. The supply point We ensureContinue reading “Prepare your summer range now”

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