Your regional partner specialized in ready-to-use plants.

Our range

The company offers you its unique know-how in cutting, cooking, and packaging, to develop any ingredient for your preparations. They are available with organic and/or French origin certification.


Gherkins, Capers, Garlic, etc.


Zucchinis, Peppers, Leeks, Cabbage, etc.


Lentils, Flageolets, Beans, Quinoa, etc.

Our motto: listening to our customers

Délivert wants to build relationships with its suppliers and customers based on transparency.

Delivered according to your specifications.

Délivert offers you different varieties, cuts, aspects, packaging, and preservation methods while respecting your price target, to best translate your product concept.

Délivert production site

ZI du Bisconte. CS 40015, 56680 Plouhinec, France

Administration Gelpass Group

17, rue Paul Pouchain, 59280 Armentières, France

Tél : +33 2 97 85 81 81