Délivert, shaper of your vegetables since 1991

For more than 25 years on the market of Intermediate Food Products (IFP), Délivert provides you with vegetables adapted to your needs, in 4th, 5th range, pickled and legumes.

Our history

Born in 1975 from a S.I.C.A. in the south of Morbihan, Délivert was founded in 1991 in order to valorize the vegetables of local farmers. The company’s ambition is to save time for the food industry when preparing their dishes with vegetables, condiments, and legumes already washed, cut, and ready to use!

Our know-how

Specialists in the 4th and 5th range, we offer numerous references of vegetables, legumes, and condiments, with various cuts and cooking methods. Pasteurized or raw, our ready-to-use vegetables are simple to use.
Our unique know-how allows us to meet your different needs. Our products are available with the Organic and/or Origin France certification.

Innovation is our light motive

Following its takeover in 2019 by Gelpass group, the production capacity has increased and the team is keen to offer you new product developments. An investment of more than one million euros has been made on the entire cold production installation in the factory in order to replace gases with a high carbon footprint by glycolated water.

Our goal: your satisfaction

Délivert wants to build relationships with its suppliers and customers based on transparency. We listen to your needs and innovate our product ranges in order to offer you a wide choice of products, cuts, cooking, and packaging.

Our production site in Morbihan

4500 m2



production lines




tons of finished products