Seasonal fruit and vegetables

full season for green cabbage We offer you our expertise in the preparation of green cabbage in different forms: Cabbage leaf for stuffing, Trimmed cabbage, Chopped cabbage for your preparations. Available in raw and pasteurised. We guarantee a French supply until the end of March/beginning of April, depending on the harvest and the climate. DélivertContinue reading “Seasonal fruit and vegetables”

Discover the news about our legumes

SUPPLIES Our partnerships with producers guarantee you a regular supply of legumes and cereals all year round. OUR LEGUMES In order to respond to constantly evolving consumption and new consumer expectations, we are working to guarantee the French origin of all our ready-to-use legume products. Lentils, Red beans, White beans, Chickpeas… Range available in ORGANICContinue reading “Discover the news about our legumes”

Discover our range of legumes and cereals

WHAT? Legumes are the dried seeds of plants with pods, the most famous ones being lentils, white coco beans, red beans, and chickpeas. They are high in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Cereals are plants grown for their hard, dry, and starch-rich grains. This category includes, among others, wheat, rice, bulgur, and oats. Rich inContinue reading “Discover our range of legumes and cereals”

Seasonal vegetables, pickles and legumes

News of our seasonal vegetables range Sourcing The difficulty in finding available containers for ocean freight has resulted in longer delivery times and higher international transportation costs. Summer range Carrots: We are looking forward to the new carrot harvest that will start in July. We will be able to offer them in cubes, slices, julienne,Continue reading “Seasonal vegetables, pickles and legumes”