Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Chou vert
full season for green cabbage
Chou vert

We offer you our expertise in the preparation of green cabbage in different forms:

  • Cabbage leaf for stuffing,
  • Trimmed cabbage,
  • Chopped cabbage for your preparations.

Available in raw and pasteurised.

We guarantee a French supply until the end of March/beginning of April, depending on the harvest and the climate.

Délivert also present in the fruit industry

Our workshops are equipped to prepare LEMON in the form of quarters or slices.

Available raw or candied in brine!

Citron entier et citron en rondelle ou quartier

Despite a difficult 2021 campaign, supply is guaranteed for all 12 months of the year!

Délivert hosts the “Colloque Plan Bio

We opened the doors of our workshops on Wednesday 15 December as part of a “Colloque Plan Bio” organised by the GAB 56 – Groupement des agriculteurs biologiques du Morbihan.

The purpose of this conference was to bring together the actors of the Morbihan region to develop organic farming.

This meeting allowed us to discuss the challenges of local organic sectors. In particular, the need to build and structure them in order to meet the supply needs of organic vegetables and legumes.