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Legumes are the dried seeds of plants with pods, the most famous ones being lentils, white coco beans, red beans, and chickpeas. They are high in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Cereals are plants grown for their hard, dry, and starch-rich grains. This category includes, among others, wheat, rice, bulgur, and oats.

Rich in vegetable proteins, they are increasingly popular with flexitarian and vegetarian consumers. They can be easily cooked in hot or cold dishes.

Our products

Legumes : Green lentils, blond lentils, coral lentils, white beans, red beans, chickpeas, etc.

Cereals : White quinoa, red quinoa, etc.

Mixes : Prepared lentils, prepared white beans, bulgur and quinoa mix with vegetables, etc.

Products available in French or organic origin depending on the references.


Each legume and cereal has its own harvesting period. In France, we can note July for chickpeas, October for flageolets, and July to August for lentils. However, as they are easily stored, we can supply them to you all year round.

Some of our products are imported, but we are planning to create partnerships with farmers in Morbihan to supply ourselves locally with legumes and cereals.

Our packagings

Vacuum-packed trays 500gr, 3kg, 5kg, etc.


Our cooking scales allow us to cook our various legumes and cereals perfectly. This means that we can offer you ready-to-use products that can be easily integrated into your recipes such as salads or hot dishes.

We can also provide you with ready-made mixes (Indian quinoa and bulgur, Asian mix or country mix) or compose them according to your needs with the cereals, legumes and vegetables of your choice. Do not hesitate to contact us for any requests or new projects!

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