Seasonal vegetables, pickles and legumes

News of our seasonal vegetables range


The difficulty in finding available containers for ocean freight has resulted in longer delivery times and higher international transportation costs.

Summer range

Carrots: We are looking forward to the new carrot harvest that will start in July. We will be able to offer them in cubes, slices, julienne, sticks,…

Peppers: The weather of the last months in Spain has affected the supply of peppers. This complicated beginning of the season has greatly influenced prices, but a return to normal is underway.

Gherkins: Growing and exporting Indian gherkins remains complicated due to events such as cold weather, abnormal rains, increased freight rates, and Covid. Local manufacturers are directly impacted, resulting in rarely achieved rates.

Stuffing products

Create original and elaborate recipes with our potato bites and stuffing tomatoes!


Accompany your fish with the pre-cut lemons.

Add flavor to your savory or sweet preparations with our pasteurized pineapple triangles.

You have a development project?

Raw, pasteurized or pickled vegetables … Do not hesitate to contact us for any information!