Summer is coming !

Our summer range

With arrival of summer, contact us for your seasonal vegetable needs:

Yellow, green, or red peppers: 30×30 cubes, trimmed.

Cherry tomatoes: 20/25, ou 25/30 size.

Zucchini: Rounds or half-moons.

Raw or cooked, they will fit perfectly in your brochettes.

The supply point

Despite the always complicated supplies of gherkins, Délivert has enough stock to ensure the orders of the months to come.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your requests !


For an aperitif use, we propose you carrot sticks and also zucchini sticks. Ready to use, they are available vacuum-packed or in a bag.


Accompany your grilled meats with our plain or cooked grilled potatoes but also with our ready-to-use vegetable mixes.

News about our production site

Délivert is looking for local farmers, based in Morbihan, to develop new products. The objective is to give them visibility and to guarantee them the prices thanks to contracts over 3 years.